Technical Support Services (TSS)


We main dedicated development and support teams actively working on our solution offering and adding new features to our applications portfolio and making corrections too. We ensure that all our customers enjoy and benefit from these efforts. With our TSS and upgrades you shall be entitled to receive the latest upgrades, software releases, documentation as and when they are announced and a service executive shall be looking at your account.

Infrastructure Support Services

Helping our client achieve top business objectives not only means providing leading technology solutions but also delivering best-in-class services to ensure that they realize the maximum value from our solutions.

We maintain dedicated team of professionals to support you in managing a complex technology implementation, developing a custom training program, providing on-going technical support, or delivering equipment maintenance across a distributed network of sites.

Our service offering covers support for:

  • Infrastructure setup & facility management
  • Installation & application rollout/implementation
  • Regular equipment maintenance covering preventive maintenance and replacement
  • Onsite troubleshooting and visits
  • Network management & virus control
  • Facility management
  • Backup and disaster recovery


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