Powerful Back office application support

A major strength of our Sidat Hyder - POS product suite is the support which it derives from the back office ERP modules for Financials, Payroll, Supply Chain Management (SCM - covering Purchasing, Inventory management, transfers, costing)

  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing & Imports
  • Financial Management
  • Payroll
  • Powerful Reporting

Sidat Hyder - POS Inventory Management

Manage your food costs and product inventory. Optimized inventory levels is important to ensure that not too much capital is blocked in inventory and that one also does not get into an out of stock situation. The SCM inventory module is a very comprehensive and feature rich suite of inventory management software modules. A subset of these module form part of the POS and sync with the main back office inventory modules.

inventory management software

Sidat Hyder - POS Purchasing

The inventory is linked with Purchasing and Material transfers. Based on data received from restaurants, analysis of consumption and costing can be easily done in very little time. Recipe costing and analysis is built in and supported by multiple reports. The Purchasing modules offer a comprehensive and flexible cycle which may be comprise of purchase requisition, purchase orders, receiving, payables recording and payments to supplier. In case of International franchise a comprehensive imports module may also be deployed catering to determination of landed costs and transacting in multiple currencies.

Sidat Hyder - POS Financials

Sidat Hyder - POS product suite can seamlessly integrate with back office financials applications thereby taking care of all your book keeping requirement, costing, payables management, cash management, financial budgeting and financial reporting comprising of profit and loss and balance sheet statements. Besides, this may also be integrated with any other standard applications like Oracle Apps, SAP B1, Microsoft Dynamics modules and more.

Sidat Hyder - POS Payroll

Staff Payroll is another major area of concern in hospitality. Our standard payroll application effectively caters to all the payroll processing needs which you may have. The solution comprises of many sub modules catering to employee profiling, allowances & deductions, salary processing, tax, loans, staff contributions, pension funds, medical, attendance & final settlement.

point of sales software (POS)

Sidat Hyder - POS Reporting

Multiple reporting options are available and more may be developed conveniently. POS reports are available with the following options:

  • POS wise
  • Daily Item wise sales
  • Sales reading
  • Product Mix
  • Tender department
  • Coupon report

Besides this comprehensive back office reporting features makes day to day tasks easy and convenient.

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