Information Solutions for Not for Profit Organizations

Not for Profit (NPO) or Non Government Organizations (NGO) are contributing heavily in developing economies across the world and work side by side with Government agencies. While the core objective of these many organizations generally is to address social issues, it is important for these institutions to maintain and manage a consistent source of income.

Financial accountability adds value to NGO’s

Financial accountability has long been the cornerstone of successful non profit organizations, and it's become even more important today. Reputation serves as key towards gaining donor confidence and maintaining funding sources.

Without loosing focus on the main business it is essential to have a solid integrated solution to serve for easy back office record keeping. An early investment in such a solution can surely bring in very positive results.

Transparency Leads to Donor Confidence

Besides gaining donor confidence, such a solution will help maintain budgets and control expenses on projects or otherwise. It becomes easier to monitor fund sources and undertake appropriate measures to streamline the same.

“SIDAT HYDER – Information Solutions” for NGO’s

Sidat Hyder – Information Solution for Non Profit Organizations gives you a flexible and configurable solution with complete financial accounting, Budgeting control, Project costing, Reporting, analysis, and a comprehensive donor database.

Donor Database

Maintaining an updated donor database, keeping track of donor pledges, follow-ups and proper reporting on projects and budgets all serve towards making and building upon a good reputation.

No longer will you have to deal with tedious, time-consuming data exports, spreadsheet manipulations, and large complicated charts of accounts. managing projects is now fast, easy and intuitive.

Link directly with Excel

The Excel Ad-In feature directly links your spreadsheet to the live financials database for a generating reporting in different reporting formats as may be required by your donor agencies.

Product Profile
Product Features
  • Ensure Transparency
  • Improve Internal Controls
  • Practice Good Governance
  • Gain Donor Confidence
  • Integrated Accounting Solution
  • Donation Management
  • Project Accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Expense Monitoring
  • Donor Database
  • Thank you Receipts
  • Financial Reporting
  • Export to MS Office
  • Excel Ad-in
  • And more


Reporting Analysis

The Donor management module facilitates in receiving donations, capturing complete donor profile whenever available, generating receipts and posting into the General Ledger. Provision is available to generate multiple reports for analysis purposes to identify supporters who gave Recently, who give Frequently and give Substantially.

Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM) analysis can help you minimize “Donor Fatigue” by allowing you to target donors more effectively and efficiently.

Pledge Monitoring & Followup

At times Donors will pledge for a donation, which may come over a period of time. Monitoring and following up these commitments are an important and patient tasks and the system will aid in reminding for the same.

Direct Mail

Should your NGO decide to issue a newsletter or some status report, it is always helpful to target the circulation to the right audience. The donor database surely comes in handy, as the donor information can be easily transferred to MS Office tools for an effective mail merge or label generation.

Transaction Verification & Internal Control

The solution also allows for embedding a verification procedure towards recording of all expenses and other transactions, whereby one person may enter the transaction and a second authorized person will verify the same thereby enhancing internal control and transparency.

Secure Access

While the NGO’s may be supported by a number of volunteers and permanent staff members, it is important to maintain a secure access to the information system. Only authorized users with defined access rights are able to enter and use the system.

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