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SHMA’s Food & Beverage Information solution is comprised of modules that integrate all major functional aspects of product lifecycle. Essentially geared to bring in efficiency in over all operations, the solution offers features and flexibility necessary to meet and exceed industry demand and to maintain competitiveness.

Reduced costs of operations, efficient inventory management, shorter time to market, innovative product packaging and pricing options, extremely flexible promotions, cost effective distribution, enhanced internal controls, extensive reporting are just some of the many features which come in as a bundle.

Further, based on our experience with the industry, the implementation is quick and easy to generate and positive return on investments.


"Now with Sidat Hyder - information Solutions we are no more constrained to come up with new schemes and test market numerous permutations to arrive at a winning combination." We are definitely more with same or lesser resources."
Saifullah Ghauri
Manager IT

Shaan Foods

Shan, one of the biggest and most prominent names in the food industries, symbolizes quality, hygiene and taste.

Shan, the leading spice company of Pakistan, has decided to further streamline its accounting, inventory, purchase and production procedures, to enable end-to-end automation using
Sidat yder—Information Solutions
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