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Textile and allied industries serve as one of the core employers in the subcontinent today.

A little different in nature from typical manufacturing setups, the sector is typically driven by entrepreneurs with pioneer and successful setups now running into second and third generation of family management.

The very nature of this industry and demands categorization based on product being produced such as: Home Textiles, Apparel, Towels, Socks etc.

Then there is further categorization based on the function a particular unit may be performing, so we may have an integrated unit comprising of all the desired processes such as spinning, dyeing, printing, embroidery, cutting, stitching, sampling, packing and more, or a combination of one or more such units.

The very nature of business, information and technology requirements thus are very much dependent on the structure, size, products and style of management.

At SHMA we have experienced working with many textile groups and in different capacities. Our domain expertise in the area has helped us develop a program for this industry automation in which we are working with a select group of industry leaders.

Our Solution for Home Textiles is a recent success and more such focused solutions are in pipeline.

Sidat Hyder – FINANCIALS is a popular solution among al leading setups as is evident from our client list.

Should you be interested in a solution for your Textile or related setup, please do not hesitate to contact and discuss your requirements with us.

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Case Study
Adamjee Enterprises

Solution for Home Textiles
Some of our valued customers
  • Adamjee Enterprises
  • Al Abid Exports
  • Al Ameen Services
  • Al Ameen Trading
  • Appollo Textile Mills
  • Chottani Industries
  • Feroz Textile Mills
  • Friendship Textile Industries
  • Gatron Industries
  • Hattar Textile Mills
  • Highnoon Textiles
  • Ihsan Sons
  • Krystalite Products
  • Liberty Mills
  • M. Shafi & Co.
  • MGM Corporation
  • Nakshbandi Industries
  • Sadhuja Textile
  • Shahraj Fabrics
  • Siddiqsons
  • Soorty Enterprises
  • Victory Sports Wear
  • And More…
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