Central Command Center - Capabilities for multi site management

One of the most powerful feature offered is multi location management. Sidat Hyder - POS is an ultimate time and cost saver for organizations/owners managing multiple restaurants/ locations/franchises/concepts. You will be able to:

  • Perform updates automatically.
  • Eliminate redundant data entry and duplication of efforts.
  • Implement changes in configuration with ease.
  • Save considerable time and effort.
  • Facilitate data management from a single workstation – increase accuracy and efficiency.
Point of Sale (POS)

The solution offers built in interfaces and modules to communicate over a network. Automatic information packets are developed and may be sent over email or through any other medium to a centralized server for data synchronization. There is tremendous cost saving in automatic Menu updates and Setup configuration changes which can be done with ease at all locations. Adding new deals, discounts, special offering is now quick and easy. You can now focus and do what you do best – i.e service your customers for a better and rewarding restaurant experience.

Sidat Hyder - POS Menu Configuration & Management

The solution has been designed to support multilayer menu design offering options to change button position, Size, Colors, Assign multiple functions to each button; paste deal pictures to help in button identification & save time and design unlimited menus for any restaurant environment, or just simply to add items on the fly.


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