Sidat Hyder - POS would meet your challenges

End-to-End integration

Sidat Hyder - POS offers powerful integration with back office Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Accounting systems thereby offering an end-to end integrated solution suite for restaurant managers and owners managing single or multiple sites. You would be able to manage your entire Supply Chain. Efficient purchasing and payables management is a major key performance indicator which directly affects the bottom line. Like wise optimal inventory storage and timely replenishments helps in easing up unnecessary capital which would otherwise remain stuck. Customer order management, consumption, order costing, recipe costing, and usage analysis are some main tools which enable you to manage more effectively and efficiently.

Drive sales and profitability growth

Sidat Hyder - POS helps in offering exceptional customer experience. With many features available and configurable, it facilitates in increasing repeat business and enhances average spending by delivering on customer demands for excellent service. Customized messages on screens and receipts reinforce your branding. Suggestive items on the screen would pop up to help your staff sell more, Package meal deals, Promotion items and other Schemes may be effectively configured to drive more sales and profitability and support your marketing plans.

Maintain Gift, Loyalty, Corporate Programs

Sidat Hyder - POS supports multiple payment and discount options such as Cash, Debit cards, Credit cards, Corporate discount card. Gift vouchers, Discount cards, Pre paid vouchers and other such schemes may also be defined in the system and implemented.

Look forward to driving more business from your best customer with strong customer loyalty tools, that give you the ability to track your customers’ usage, create marketing promotional programs, award rewards & manage coupons based on the products they purchase.

Printing Options

Multiple printing options are supported for Thermal, Dot matrix, Laser printer. The formats designed are concise, comprehensive and carry independent space of putting in custom messages, logos on receipts etc.

Flexible & Configurable - lower operating costs

The Sidat Hyder - POS is fully configurable to suit your restaurant specific need. A powerful administration interface helps to configure the POS setups and amend or create new menus, deals, schemes and more. Managing and administering is easy and effective, ensuring proper controls and saving considerable time thereby also reducing overall operating costs.

Staff schedule and shift management – you can now focus more on your customer while Sidat Hyder - POS takes care of your operations workload.

Effective shift management is essential for performance measurement. The system facilitates in staff time management and reporting and supports integration with the main payroll system for salary and payments processing. Shift time and resource allocation is done at a restaurant level by the restaurant manager. Cashier sign-in and sign-out is monitored and maintained along with proper shift closing procedures. All these system facilities ensures that your staff at the restaurant now has more time to focus on customer service.

No data loss and No POS downtime. Always On – Reliability Assured.

Powerful software redundancy algorithm has been built into the system to ensure a smooth operation always and all the time. In case of shutdowns, return to normal operation requires minimum management intervention and is an automated process.

While there may be many POS installed at one site, Sidat Hyder - POS offers the flexibility which enables each machine to service independently and also on a networked environment. The switching is automatic and intelligent depending on the network availability and ensure that data remains safe and intact.

Sidat Hyder - POS system ensures that your business will never be hampered by a critical hard-drive failure or any other such hardware or software problem. You may mirror your data on a back-up server or use the computer at one of your POS stations to create a fully redundant system.

POS Options
  • Package Meal Deals
  • Discounts
  • Promotion Items
  • Schemes
  • Tax Charges ( Excise Duty etc.)
  • Customized Messages
  • Pricing Configuration
  • Magnetic Strip Reader
  • Thermal Printer
  • Customer Display
  • Touch Screen Based
  • Suggestive Items
  • Order revisions
  • Last entered order
  • Date range/time specific deal configuration
  • Complete security with Audit log
  • Condiments Details
  • Automatic purging of historic data
  • Sales reporting grouped in different heads (like Eat In, Delivery, Drive Through etc.)
  • Fully configurable
  • Parameter driven
  • Supports all standard POS hardware
  • Reliable support services
POS - Printing Options
  • Customized Receipts
  • Thermal, Dot Matrix and Laser printers support
  • Space for promotional messages
  • Space for Customized Logo
  • Support for Order printing in Kitchen also
POS - Features
  • Effective Shift Change Management
  • Cashier Sign In and Sign Out Management
  • Secured Menus
  • Dual Screen Display
  • Employee Meals Discount
  • POS can run independent or in sync with Restaurant Server and/or Head Office Server.
  • Data Export Utility for head office
  • Database backup Options
  • Multi Layer Menu Design.
  • Manager and System Menu
  • Support for various POS hardware based on POS Standards.
  • Integration with related [SCM, Inventory etc] modules.
  • Integration support for well accepted accounting packages.
  • Option to limit Order Amount for Cashier
  • Automated E-mailing of (sales & Inventory) data
  • Timely message popups to Cashiers
  • Cash Drawer Bleed warning & Skim options
  • Miscellaneous Income option for parties
  • Online Help option for cashier for every key on keyboard
POS - Configuration
  • User wise Application security shell
  • Configurable multi layer input screens
  • Secured and open menu design
  • Options to change
  • button position, Size, Colors, Assign multiple functions to each button,
  • Paste deal pictures to help in button identification & save time.

Technology Landscape

  • Touch screen kiosk and vending


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