Rent Management


You may expediently manage your rental properties, tenants and agreements. The properties being rented may either be (a) owned, (b) leased or (c) on brokerage commission basis. With the rent module, tracking and visibility of transactions, properties, contracts as well as keeping tenant records is straightforward and painless.

Manage Contracts

The contracts may be scanned and uploaded into the system for ready reference. Contract expiry date with rental value may be stored for effective reporting on renewal reminders and agreement on payments. You will save money, as the system will prompt on contracts expiring in the future giving you enough time to search for alternate tenants or pursue renewals in time.


It is advantageous to maintain history and complete rental record of a property. The rent module enables you to do just that without any extra effort. Multiple search and reporting option facilitate in retrieving data based on past transactions. Details on contracts, amendments, tenants, maintenance records are all preserved in the database and may be retrieved as and when required.

Rent Accounting & Accruals

With appropriate linkage with the financial accounting, you may also configure to automatically accrue rent as and when due, so as to get a reflection in your accounts receivable and financial statements. Such operational and accounting controls help in improving cash flow by proper and timely identification of receivables due thereby making more funds available for investments and use.

Labor Camps

For the UAE marketplace, a special functionality for managing and maintaining labor camps forms part of the solution offering. Leasing, Renting to multiple companies, Maintenance management covering water supply, sewage, utilities all form part of this offering.

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