Sales, Leasing & Brokerage


Addressing to the specific customer needs is paramount to the success of any business. In a very competitive real estate marketplace, agility in serving customers and coming up with the right property to customer match is what makes the difference between market leaders and followers.

i-Estate has been carefully designed to automate the entire sales process, thereby ensuring that your sales and marketing team is not drawn into the operations hassles and has the desired information ready and available all the time.

Property Profiling

The solution would maintain a list of all properties/units available for sale or rent and the same may be assigned to different agents. Searching units with specific requirements is fast and easy. Geared to support the market practice, multiple tagging options are available to Hold, Reserve, Transfer or mark as Sold or Resold. Such automation embeds controls necessary to avoid situation and financial risks involved in double booking or reselling on account of improper information. The solution maintains complete details on your customers, requests for sale, receivables and more.

Managing sales accounting is a daunting tasks for a fast paced Reality business and if the processes are not aligned then you are surely to get into a chaotic situation where managing cash flow, linking receipts and payments, installment s, commissions all become a nightmare to manage. With i-estate, all your systems and procedures shall automatically come in place. While offering the flexibility to configure a number of options, the system facilitates in recording all types of transactions as and when they occur. A robust security shell wraps around the entire application,

Thereby allowing access to only authorized users. The users may be grouped and assigned specific access rights so that only the desired information is exposed based on the level of user authorization.

Customer Payments

Payments from customers may be received for a project investment, or rental or brokerage commission. The system offers a feature rich payment collection option. In case these payments are linked with some Installment plan or Rental agreement, then the same are automatically set off against these. Likewise options to receive multiple installments in one transaction or single installment in multiple transactions are available. Installment plans may also be revised and amended offering greater operational flexibility and customer convenience.

Post Dated Cheques

Handling of Post Dated Checks (PDC) is now manageable. The system allows to record PDC’s which have been received and the once which have been issued. Multiple reports are available to assess the cash inflows and outflows on this basis. Provisions for bounced checks, replacement checks, re-presenting are also available.

Sales & Brokerage Commissions

Reality Estate thrives on incentive driven business model. At times these commissions can become complex and may involve more than one parties and different percentages and flat fees. The system offers flexibility in managing such commissions. Automatic accruals are possible and payments may be linked and processed through the payables and accounting system.

Notification & Reminders

Sending standard notices and reminders to investors is a routine exercise which has to be taken up. The system offers an interface whereby you may configure your own reminder letter using Microsoft Word, and the same can then be printed and dispatched. This option adds to the convenience of managing such communication as all the data is maintained centrally and such reminders and notices may be issued where applicable or based on some search criteria.

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