Industrial Parks & Commercial Zones


The purpose of Industrial and Commercial Zone is to create conditions for investors so they can organize their production, storage and commercial activities in one place and in the fastest way. Through concentration of the activities in one place the Zone provides an opportunity to reduce the products prime cost as well as to expand and increase the overall efficiency of operation.

The Zone stimulates the investors by providing them with an opportunity to work in the most favorable material, administrative and infrastructure conditions.

Our solution suite offers Zone administration authorities proper systems to enable them to manage these infrastructure support services. Some of the core offering includes:

1- Land/Unit Management (Sales, Transfers, Subdivision, Amalgamation and more)

For effective zone management it is necessary to maintain a complete comprehensive record of all plots/units/properties available in the zone. The Zone modules support many kinds of transactions, may of which include sales, transfers, subdivision and amalgamation of plots, inheritance related divisions, conversion to different categories and others.

2- Billing & Collections

Provision of utilities to tenants is a key service line for any Zone Authority. This also serves as the main revenue source to manage and maintain the authority. Depending on how the zones are structured, there could be different types of service charges for provision of utilities and maintenance services. Multiple modules are available catering to the some of the following utilities:

a. Electricity

As a Zone authority you may either maintain your own electricity generation source or may arrange from some other provider/distributor. This electricity is then distributed from the source to the different units operating in the Industrial zone.

The system allows provision to develop a custom tariff structure. Based on the load requirements, electric meters are put in place for recording consumption which is used for monthly billing.

Complete provision for Bill Printing, with details is available. Late payment surcharge and other taxes can be configured and applied as well. Collection module facilitates in receiving and reconciliation with bank accounts.

b. Water & Gas

Multiple parameters can determine the way water supply is to be charged to the tenants. This may be dependent on the size & number of the connections, usage which is monitored through a water meter, or a simple flat fee.

Complete water/gas billing and collection options are available within these modules.

c. Ground Rent/ Service Charges/Taxes

While there could be multiple ways to charge for infrastructure service, Annual Ground Rent (AGR) is a popular annual charge ( like a tax) which may based on the size of space occupied and may be charged at a defined frequency i.e monthly, quarterly or annually. Provision to add any other service charge is also available to accommodate any ad-hoc or planned billing needs.

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