` Assessments & Psychometric Testing

Assessments & Psychometric Testing

High performance corporate entities benefit tremendously by employing objective, thorough and standardized assessment tools in order to make better decisions vis-a-vis recruitment, promotion, employee development, career planning and reward management. These decisions are helpful to organizations in meeting current workforce needs and in planning for future aspirations.

SHMA offers different combinations of assessment services to cater to specific client needs, based on their unique requirements. These tools have been acquired and adapted or developed in-house through research and our industry experience, ensuring a high level! of validity and objectivity.

Our Assessment Resources

Company definition and behavioral indicators

We have developed some universal competencies based on research of existing company structures and our own experience in various industries through different assessment, recruitment and development activity. Further, we have defined behavioral indicators in order to measure these competencies for the purpose of assessment.

Assessmant Exercises
  • In tray
  • Role Play
  • Presentation
  • Business Case Study
  • Leaderless Group Discussion
  • Assigned Group Discussion
  • Fact Finding Exercises
  • Written Exercises
  • Behavioral Interview
  • Psychometric tests (ability and personality)
  • Feedback Session

Assessment center and development center

Depending on clients specific requirements, we design and deliver Assessment or Development Center solutions which typically involves a one or two-day intervention. The design/content of an assessment or development center may differ depending on the objectives and purpose. Our methodology ensures that each competency is measured in multiple exercises / tests and each participant is observed by multiple assessors to ensure a consistent high quality and objective assessment.

In addition, an assessment or development center may also employ the following:

  • Behavioral Interview
  • Psychometric tests (ability and personalityhom)
  • Feedback Session

We emphasize on the use of behavioral interviewing techniques with a view to minimize subjectivity. The focus is on past behavior that may be used to infer and predict future behavior of the employee. Interviewing as an assessment technique may either be employed as a stand-alone technique or may be coupled with other assessment techniques, depending on the client's requirement.

One to one discussion, and interviews are also used in client engagements requiring work relationship counseling, stress counseling, career counseling and motivational counseling.

Psychometric Testing

We believe that Psychometric Tests are a powerful and versatile assessment tool, and we subscribe to their increasing use by organizations for enhancing the quality of assessment and development of employees. Our in-house psychologists are trained and qualified to identify, administer and interpret psychometric tests and we keep ourselves abreast of emerging additions to the battery of tests available in the international market.

Over the years, clients have engaged us to conduct different personality and ability tests on existing and potential employees. The increasing frequency and volume of test administered has now prompted our in-house team to focus attention on developing culture-based norms which may be more relevant in the local context in situations requiring us to predict job performance on the basis of local norms. Our team is in the process of developing these norms.

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  • Assessments & Psychometric Testing