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Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates (Pvt) Ltd is one of the leading software solution providers in the country with hundreds of live software implementations of its product suite and industry vertical solutions. Maintaining dedicated software quality assurance and testing teams we have signed up as a partner with Automated QA, which is one of the leading companies offering automated software testing tools.

With this focus Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates (Pvt) Ltd is now ready and has opened up its services to other companies, in-house software teams at different clients and for third party software testing and assurance. Our software QA team offers integrated testing services which can help companies to develop high-quality software and succeed with it in the market.

QA Outsourcing:

If you have undertaken the execution of a software project and would like to outsource the testing procedures in the development cycle to a third party, our QA team can serve as an extension of your development team to perform this critical and highly specialized task.

Our QA professionals will subject your application to stringent testing procedures and methodologies to provide you with the appropriate documentation of the diagnosis performed along with recommendations on measures to eliminate bugs in the software and optimize performance.


Our testing service offering and methodology is geared towards specific customer needs and project requirements. The key activities and roles are performed:

Automated testing tools
Automated QA

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AQ Dev Team

Automated Build Studio

AQ Trace

Test Execute

Test Recorder

1. Project Test Planning

For every project, a test planning phase is conducted. Each test is like a complete system, It has to be created, reviewed and then executed. We start the test on the basis of the client’s requirement towards the test. Then on a preplanned story board the complete strategy is laid down and executed. Related project/product documentation is studied prior to this exercise. The same is shared with the customer for review and approval.

2. Tests Development

The next stage is development of Tests. Our QA team involves in developing, reviewing and executing various specialized and customized test cases. Our diverse industry exposure assists us in developing practical test cases to cover many different industry domains. Any customer specific requirements are taken care of as well.

The automated testing environment is setup based on the requirements assessed. Test scripts are developed based on the test cases developed.

3. Test execution, Reporting, Bug Fixing Cycle

The tests developed are executed and observations reported. Manual and automated software testing covers:

  • Functional
  • Bug and functional regression
  • Load / Performance / Stress
  • Usability (GUI)
  • Compatibility
  • Configuration

We have developed established practices to undertake such tests, and with the use of automated testing tools, we are able to effectively generate meaningful summary and detail reports for timely and proper error identification and rectification.

We use popular bug tracking/issue tracking tools (for eg. Bugzilla etc.). Unless there is a specific client requirement, our in house bug tracking and reporting system is in place and customers are provided access to the same with new projects created. This serves as a robust and efficient collaboration and tracking tool.

Different reports as required are generated and submitted from time to time.

4. Final reporting and analysis

Each project is closed with a final project closing report covering a reporting metrics, some analysis recommendations. For perpetual projects or product development a monthly report is submitted as routine and adhoc reporting is exercised to highlight any specific issues.

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