Information Systems Strategic Planning

Failing to plan is planning to fail! Embarking on an automation or computerization project without careful requirements analysis and planning often yields a very low or no return on technology investments. Information Systems Strategic Planning (ISSP) is an exercise that helps enterprises determine the optimal path for fulfilling their business objectives.

It provides a way to plan and manage the use of information through a comprehensive and usable framework which links business objectives whilst focusing on information technology. Designing a technology architecture in this manner ensures effective management of information resources. Specifically, the ISSP helps:

  • Align technology with the company’s business model;
  • Assess the current and future information requirements based on the business model;
  • Construct a “Business System Architecture” (BSA) that will satisfy identified information requirements;
  • Construct an “Information Technology Architecture” (ITA) to support the BSA;
  • Present the information technology recommendations to management in a way that they can readily understand, evaluate and act upon an implementation plan.

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ISSP Outline
  • Preparatory Systems Study
  • Situational Analysis
  • Information Needs and Application Requirements
  • Business Systems Architecture
  • Information Technology Architecture
  • IT Staffing and Skills Management
  • Training Requirements
  • Phased Implementation Plan
  • Cost Estimates for Planned / Recommended Technology Initiatives
Key ISSP Clients
  • Imarat-ul-Madinah (Governor’s Office of Madinah Munawara)
  • Central Bank of Uzbekistan
  • State Bank of Pakistan
  • Pakistan Petroleum Limited
  • Khushhali Bank
  • Pakistan State Oil
  • Sui Southern Gas Company
  • Bank Alfalah Limited
  • Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
  • Central Board of Revenue
  • Central Directorate of National Savings
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  • Information Systems Strategic Planning