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The Oracle Team

Oracle as a backend database for applications has been the choice of many of the consultants within SHMA. A dedicated Oracle development team was however put into place with the migration of our text based Insurance solutions to a GUI based interface.

Since then we have never really had a chance to look back as the team exposure and assignments across industries lead to further enhancement and growth and it continues even today.

Moving into other areas inline with Oracle Methodology, our professionals have developed and are pleased to expertise on functional and customization support for Oracle Applications.

Key Strengths

  • Exposure to long term development projects.
  • Dedicated Oracle team with cross platform exposure.
  • More than 200 man years of experience.
  • Established project methodologies, coding standards, software libraries and practices.
  • Average development experience of 3 years per resource.

Core Competencies

  • Client Server Applications
  • Product Development (Sidat Hyder – Insurance Solutions)

Team Qualifications

  • Consulting Actuaries
  • Computer Science Graduates
  • Business Graduates

Tools Skills in Use

  • Developer 2000
  • Oracle 8i
Some Key Projects
Life Insurance Solutions

Insurance Solutions and Industry has been one of our major focus areas. One of the main drivers for this has been the competitive advantage and positioning on account of our actuarial services segment. With three seasoned actuaries on board, supplemented by a very mature team of IT professionals, our life Insurance Solutions are now under implementation in UAE, Africa and Pakistan.

Developer 2000 was the main development tool for this application. With relatively heavy processing volume and size of the companies, Oracle was the most appropriate choice to provide the desire processing power and Dev eloper 2000 the tool to exploit the same.

This current application in use comprises of the following core integrated modules:

- Individual Life
- Personal Accident – Individual
- Group Life
- Personal Accident - Group
- Accounting
- Agency

Custom Development

Oracle is the preferred choice for most multinational and large organizations with relatively high transaction processing requirements. Our Oracle professionals have been engaged on different assignments across Industries. These include different deployment scenarios with Unix, AIX and, Windows NT.

The solutions developed for the included systems for raw material and work-in-process
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