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As a group we enjoy affiliations & technology partnerships with the following:


Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates (Pvt) Ltd, one of the largest and diversified managements consultancy and Shibli Islam Rehan & Co., conducting statuary audit, assurance services, corporate and tax compliance & other outsourced services, entered into a strategic alliance agreement since March 1, 2012.

This strategic alliance agreement enables SIR & Co. to jointly perform & execute management consulting assignments through or in the name of SHMA and also provide required professional/trained staff to SHMA under agreed arrangement. Through the efficiency and diversity of services jointly offered by us, we have developed potential clientele for service offered within both the entities both local and international.

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SHMA's association with Microsoft tools and technology is as old as the company itself. Developing solutions for the medium-sized organizations using Foxpro at one time, the team has developed, matured and grown to provide client server & n-tier developments in Visual Basic and Visual C leading to Windows DNA, ASP and now .Net based solutions.

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Oracle as a backend database for applications has been the choice of many of the consultants within SHMA. A dedicated Oracle development team was however put into place with the migration of our text based Insurance solutions to a GUI based interface.Since then, we have never really had a chance to look back as the team exposure and assignments across industries lead to further enhancement and growth and it continues even today. Moving into other areas inline with Oracle Methodology, our professionals have developed and are pleased to offer expertise on functional and customization support for Oracle Applications.

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Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates (Pvt) Ltd is one of the pioneer firms in adapting and introducing PowerBuilder in Pakistan. Associated with the tool for a long time and with an established product line, we offer a seasoned and mature development team to undertake any size and type of development assignment based on this technology.

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Occupational Psychology Services

Chartered business psychologists working with private and public sector clients, SMEs and blue chips throughout the UK and overseas.

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Quality Computing Services (QCS)

Quality Computing Services (QCS) is one of the leading information solutions & services providers with over 13 years of experiencing in servicing the Saudi Arabian markets and customers. Over the years the firm has established a credible reputation on delivering on customized and packaged information solution and services.

These solutions are designed for the Saudi vertical markets and effectively and efficiently cater to the local business needs and demands.

QCS serves as the strategic alliance partner for SHMA and jointly we have delivered on multiple projects in KSA and across a diverse industry and technology platforms.

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