Human Capital Management – Payroll & HRIS

Payroll Processing and Talent Management Made Easy.

SHMA’s Human Capital Management (HCM) suite offers a comprehensive set of enterprise solution that helps companies implement complete recruitment-to-retire processes geared to support their business.

HCM is specially designed to fulfill the requirements of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) that seek business specific solutions at affordable pricing. Offering superior functionality and reporting, the solution can be comfortably integrated with ERP’s like SAP, Oracle, Dynamics and more.

SHMA’s HCM includes flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use modules that enable customers to leverage their existing technology investments. In this way, it helps customers achieve low total cost of ownership (TCO) while they address the following major Payroll & HR related business challenges.

  • Information Management
  • Salary Processing
  • Income Tax
  • Leaves record
  • Loans management
  • Bonus disbursement
  • Contributions
  • Provident Fund Ledgers
  • Medical Fund
  • Attendance & Scheduling
  • Overtime Processing
  • Final Settlement
  • Resource Planning
  • E-Recruitment
  • Training & Development
  • Performance Evaluation

The solution is available with a choice to use Oracle, Sybase & SQL Server as your database engine.

Ease Of Use

An easy to use and intuitive user interface with navigation by menus, short cut keys or tool bar with persistent screen and buttons for fast, easy access to commonly used screens and reports save valuable time.

Standard Reports

Many predefined reports can be generated available for use; In addition, option is also available to configure and generate user defined reports.

The reporting formats also cater to your income tax & other legal reporting requirements like generation of Monthly / Yearly Statements, Tax Challan, Salary Certificates, and more.

Security & Internal Control

In order to maintain confidentiality of information and restrict unauthorized information access, a powerful group based security module. Audit log is embedded to record any changed being made with User id and time stamps.

Payroll & HRMS
Payroll Options
  • Payslip Printing Options
  • Payslip Emailing
  • Tax Computation Sheet
  • Tax Credit Management
  • E-Filing
  • Comprehensive Salary Register
  • Provident Funds Register
  • User Defined Reporting
  • EOBI reporting
  • Bank Letters & More
  • Employee Self Service Module (ESS)
  • Save resource time.
  • Reduce administrative costs.
  • Align HCM goals with organization strategy.
  • Improve services to your internal customers.
  • Lower total cost of ownership.
  • Integrate with any ERP
  • Integrate with any Time Attendance System
  • Use with Oracle, Sybase or SQL Server

Users are classified into User groups (based on location, division, department, employee type etc.), and may only access data as authorized to their respective User Group.


Designed to fulfill the diverse industry requirements, the system provides options for flexible setup and reporting, unlimited number of Employees may be defined and categorized by location, department, division etc.

The system provides for defining cost centers and respective allocation of employee salary along with associated reports.

Resource/Employee Information

This comprehensive module facilitates in management of resource/employee data record. Provision to record personal details, profiles, health conditions, documents, id’s, passports, bank account, employee preferences etc. and many more attributes are available for use.

Salary Processing

The salary processing module serves as the hub for all other modules present in the system. Robust formula configuration options facilitates in defining different types of allowances and deductions to meet the HR policy and business requirements. Likewise provision is also available to configure other system modules such as Tax, Provident Funds to ensure automatic salary update whenever there is any change in the same.

Income Tax Module

Income Tax is one of the key module, that is upgraded annually to meet all major statutory requirements as may have been amended with the annual national budget. The module facilitates automatic calculation and deduction of income tax and generation of statutory statement to be submitted to the government departments, thereby resulting in immense time and cost savings.

E-Filing (For Pakistan)

The e-filing option introduced by FBR is also facilitated for LTU and RTU. Besides annual tax and monthly tax returns are also produced as per desired FBR formats.


The system provides a flexible Bonus module that is user configurable. Multiple options are available to define Bonus based on attributes like departments, grades, designations, employee type or a combination of such attributes.

Provision to define a formula for calculation of the bonus amount is available based on the configured allowances and specified rates. The same can also be setoff against any employee loans, or may form part of the salary or disbursed independently.


The system provides for calculating and disbursing pensions. Option to enter opening balances and define contribution of employee and employer on the basis of selected allowances is present. Option for one time settlement and monthly pension is also present. Projection reports are available for effective budgeting and cash flow planning.


Different types of loans can be defined in the system. Provision to allow loans against provident fund is also available. Loan Installments are calculated automatically on a monthly basis for compound & simple interest based loans. The module offers flexibility to generate loan schedules with installment and interest calculations.


Employee Overtime may be setup based on different options available. This may be on a user defined rate or as deduced based on salary allowances. Separate rates may be defined for Holidays, Off-days and Working days. Any additional amount may also be added to this overtime as desired. Once configured, the overtime may be processed independently or along with the monthly salary processing.

Attendance & Scheduling

Recording attendance is easy and intuitive. Options are available to either record the same manually by simply marking the absences or to fetch data from a time recording machine. This comprehensive module provides options to define different types of shifts with starting and ending time boundaries.

Employee's are to be grouped and these groups are then applied to different shifts and may be scheduled for a daily, weekly, or rotational basis.

The module facilitates in recording attendance, updating of leaves and overtime along with effective reporting for better resource management and control.

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